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Healthy employees are happier, more enthusiastic, and work more efficiently.
Employees are commonly subjected to high stress and long hours in a 24/7 existence fuelled by the digital environment. Gill previously worked as a partner of major commercial laws firms for over 25 years and Caterina in various academic/research settings. Thus, we understand the pressures on employees to perform in a corporate environment.  
Today's working regimes can often make it difficult to successfully manage healthy habits.  Poor nutrition, poorly managed blood sugar balance, excessive caffeine consumption, and insufficient sleep are common.
These can result in poorer productivity and performance, poorer health status and increasing illness and work absence. This results in a never-ending vicious cycle.
Stress management, improved nutrition, and life style adjustments can have a major positive impact. Employers can benefit their businesses by championing the health of their employees and offering access to nutritional and lifestyle support. We can provide employers and employees with the tools they need.


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