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Good health starts in the gut.
The saying ‘we are what we eat’ is not 100% correct – as we are what we absorb and don’t excrete!
We need our gut to break down our food and then successfully absorb the nutrients to sustain all our metabolic processes and give us the fuel to function. We also need healthy bowel movements to ensure efficient hormone and metabolite excretion.  
Infections, an imbalanced gut microbiota (gut bacteria), medications and poor nutritional choices all compromise gastrointestinal health.  A myriad of symptoms, and even chronic illnesses might result. Food allergies and sensitivities, anxiety, poor immunity, bloating, constipation, hives, skin conditions, IBS and IBD are just a few conditions that can manifest. We favour  a structured approach which allows the body to adapt and find its natural balance gradually. We strive to create an environment in which the gut and its microbiota can flourish so that you can obtain the full benefit of the nutrients you need. 


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